The Best Places to Visit in Argentina

Ever Seen a Grizzly Giant? Č One of the incredible attractions about travelling to Africa or even neighbouring Argentina is seeing wildlife. It’s amazing how many different species you can see when you travel a few hundred kilometres.

My favourite place to see wildlife is Tierra del Fuego which is just a short boat ride away from Primalica, Argentina. If you don’t mind sharing a room with a dolphin then you can stay in a hotel in the nearby town of Santa suspendarto which is also on the Pacific Coast.

Tierra del Fuego is home to a great variety of mammals and birds. One of the most amazing is the Giant Pacific Shearwater. It grows to more than 7 metres. The other animals include whales, seals, skua, pinnipeds,gartails, fur seals, porpoises, dolphins and small and treetop kangaroos.

To Tierra del Fuego national parks such as Provincia des Peligros and Serganticoso you can not miss watching the pelagic predators. Upon the Gulf Stream to the North Sea opens the Atlantic Ocean. Beside this expanse of water on the Equator are lying the Tierra del Fuegos – a rich phosphorescent lake. practise makes perfect as you can see dolphins and basking sharks. In the winter months around the south coast, around the Yaiza lowlands and the Galapagos Islands, marine parks such as Es Thusline and Aquarium where the sharks and other marine life are displayed is a great place for eagle watchers to observe nesting mother and their calf.

Another country that you really should experience is Argentina. During your holidays in Argentina, you will experience high delicacies, extravagant evenings and renowned hospitality. One of the great aspects about living in Argentina is the resilience and strengths of the people. In many communities, the taxi driver is considered the unofficial mayor. The same is true with food. Cattle ranches are everywhere throughout the country and they represent a true sense of esthetic agriculture.Forest ranches throughout the southern regions of the country are one of the most interesting natural experimentations in the world. The communities that operate these eco-enterprises range from expensive yet livable private lodges to budget camps, all located within the same controlled environment. It is a real treat to watch the voluntary work that is done there.

Baja California, Mexico:On the Pacific coast of Mexico, Baja California Sur sits on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. It is a haven for marine enthusiasts, particularly marine mammal enthusiasts, and para-motorists. Everyone who goes out on a boat trip around this area will see the multitude of grey whales and different species of sea lions and marine birds who come to eat. There are also other seabirds such as sea eagles, and eagle owls that also live on this beautiful coastline. Baja California is a great destination for whale watchers and bird watchers. If you want to see humpback whales in your holidays in Baja California, you should go in April when they come in near the spring.

Costa Rica:Located in the middle of the Americas, Costa Rica is a poor country that is trying to build its economy by any means possible. To help its citizens transition to a knowledge based economy, the government of Costa Rica has created UNESCO managed cultural attractions that are spread throughout the entire country. The Acacia National Park is one of the important sites that most of the tourists spend their time at. It is a protected area that has become very popular among the tourists. The park is full of rain forest that is covered with dense vegetation. It has become a haven for the birdmen who spend their time here at the Mount Maraux Falls.

You can spend your holidays in Mexico City either by staying in the rent apartments or in one of the spacious rooms in a good hotel. The hotel life is really quite exciting. You can even learn to ride a horse in the Grande Park if you are just passing through the area. However, if you want to spend more time in the city and you have a limited time, you can book the overcrowded and dirty hostels to stay at. It will serve you well.

Vancouver, Canada: Canada’s largest city, Vancouver can be described as a city of two worlds. You will find the North end of the city crowded with a few hostels that are definitely not suited for the backpacker. The Craigslist army of downtown Vancouver is a great place to find cheap but good accommodations. The Kitsilano Beach Resort is one of the finest hostels in all of Canada. If you are looking for laid back natural beauty, soul searching local museums, and the Downtown Sunset Dinner Show, you will definitely find it in Vancouver. Vancouver also has a reputation for being a great place for bikers and cyclists who want to avoid the crowds.