Top Beautiful Attractions of Darjeeling

Located in the lap of the lofty Himalayas, Darjeeling is one of the beautiful hill stations in India. It is known for its wonderful tea and coffee gardens, lush green tea plantations and exotic flora and fauna. The popular tourist attraction of this beautiful hill station is the Cloud Park, which is world famous with its famous colour shifting stones. Darjeeling popular tourism is dominated by the steep Himalayan Mountains and by the tea gardens, which provide it the unique and fascinating view of the hills. Darjeeling also known as the ‘Green Mountain Country’, it is heaven for tourists. Darjeeling introduced the Cloud Park in 1950 as the Director of Research and Planning Department, and later became theoru of Research Director, in 1981. This park is replicating the work of Oliver vaint who was the first ecologist in Nairobi.


Darjeeling is a haven for the culture freaks, it is closely related to the Chinese immigrants with German background. Local Tieaks (a Local Indian language) is used here, which has a local touch and spice in it. You can find some authentic Chinese food here which has not been changed for centuries.

There are several monasteries such as the Holy Head Monastery, which is famous for housing a 15th century Ming palace. St. Mark’s Monastery also of Tieaks, the oldest monastery in Darjeeling, which is well-known for its famous paintings.

Forts can be seen as numerous as the beautiful handicrafts made by the local population. Those who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the hills would dive into the well-known Tungnu Range that offers the best-known Table Mountain trek and also the Sikkim-Nepal trekking.

Well-known tourist attractions in Darjeeling are The Mall Road, Rideau Hill, The British Museum,expensive Jalan Sultanpur and the small but attractive buds under the canopy of the large canopy of the scintillating tea bushes at the vicinity of the tea gardens. These attractions are not the only ones but there are more that can’t be mentioned in featuring only of the attractions of Darjeeling. Visitors can also explore the cozy and charming little town of Bagdogra as well.

While tourists are spending quality time in the Darjeeling, it is not advisable to miss the opportunity of visiting the first ever UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Bijan Paranthe. This beautiful hill station of Darjeeling is nestled at the altitude of over 3000 m and is a home to theanthagama temple of the Hindu religion. Darjeeling can also be a perfect places for watching the Himalayan bears giving birth. And if you are lucky enough, even a baby Himalayan bear is worth a visit.

Darjeeling can be a perfect place for planning a travelpack to explore the unhurried pace of life style of the hill resort by providing the ideal ambiance, keeping in view the interests of the travellers and of the locals alike.

The hills of Darjeeling also hold a variety of adventure sports attractions like trekking, mountain biking, river rafting and fast flowing rivers, which are a great Yourself to witness the magnificence of nature in action. These also make it a very desirable place for wildlife enthusiasts, bird watchers and nature lovers. Darjeeling also has Lookout Mountain, which is one of the most spectacular and accessible peaks of the Himalayas. Darjeeling also has some of the world’s highest Wadmil River, which flows parallel to the Indian plains at an approachable height and apart from suiting the tourist’s eye for its motoring roads, potatoes and its cultured life styles of the people inhabiting the hills around the listen very well.

Darjeeling also offers a wonderful and eye catching environment for photographers and those interested in art forms like photography, painting and the like. Also, apart from suiting the tourists’ interests in various categories like history, wildlife, agro-tourism, shopping, trekking and the like, Darjeeling also has its share of the famous subtractions like superb and silent spring, quieting white water, exotic orchids, big sky temples and so on.

Darjeeling beauty is also recognised by UNESCO World Heritage, and this simply crowns the perched and subtropical region with its legends, tales andretto style sojourns, which have helped shaping the imaginationsof the tourists from the earliest times till the present.

Darjeeling tourism is a royal hospitality, which is known to be globally famous, and for the tourists who want to explore the uncharted regions of the earth, Darjeeling is exactly the right place, in spite of being so accessible.